Sing Along

Your own sound, soul and personality together form your unique voice as part of an outstanding choir: Brabant Koor. You sing confidently and that calls for ambition, which you can show in an audition. This will give you a taste of the way Brabant Koor works. It is an adventurous choir of a high standard that performs concerts on the cutting edge of tradition and innovation.

From the inception, through the rehearsals to concerts or projects, the artistic, cultural and musical themes receive special attention. In this way Brabant Koor stimulates you to develop both your musical technique and knowledge and also share in the telling of special stories. The expertise gained is then shared on the podium or in the classroom, between singers and listeners. All of this makes Brabant Koor an inspiring meeting point for you and your fellow singers!

Registration and applying for concert projects

Brabant Koor is always looking for (young) good and enthusiastic trained singers (m/f) for new concert projects. What do we ask of you?

  • You are willing to attend an audition
  • You are willing and able to study on your own
  • You will attend all rehearsals and concerts for a specific project

The first step is to register using the registration form. Brabant Koor will always handle your personal information in a confidential manner. Your registration gives Brabant Koor permission to manage this information. The privacy policy (in Dutch only) can be found here.

You will receive confirmation and limited access to MijnBK (Brabant Koor members’ pages, in Dutch only). Here you can apply directly for Brabant Koor projects. You will also be invited to attend an audition.

The audition

Your audition will be carried out by conductor Louis Buskens and répétiteur/accompanist Ben Martin Weijand. It is usually held at Factorium in Tilburg and takes approximately 20 minutes. The répétiteur will accompany you for the following:

  • performance of a song or aria of your own choice
  • one or more compulsory sections of a choral work
  • an audition exercise

Shortly after the audition you will receive a written reaction. Have you been accepted? Congratulations! The next step is to select your first project with Brabant Koor. Once that is done you will receive full access to MijnBK. For more information about the projects and the members’ pages you can contact the Brabant Koor business manager.

Singing with Brabant Koor

Are you the project singer we are looking for?

Complete the registration form and email it to the business manager. You will receive an invitation for an audition and login details for MijnBK.

Audition dates:

Tuesday evening May 28, 2024

Thursday evening May 30, 2024


Thursday evening October 3, 2024

Tuesday evening October 8, 2024